How to: Make a seashell wreath

It's entirely possible there's nothing I love more than finding expensive art and then making it myself.

Etsy ~ $98

There's no way I'm spending $98 on a wreath.
(Unless it goes to the gym for me. Then we'll talk.)

So a several month long project began using the natural (read: free) resources located in our backyard

Here's how I made the $98 wreath for a quarter of the price.

~ Materials ~
high temp glue gun
glue sticks
around 100 shells
straw craft wreath
ribbon or twine

For two weeks, I went to the beach every other day (I was living in Florida, but if you don't, you could get the materials on a beach trip!) picking up as many shells as i could find.

The shells don't need to be perfect ~ you're going to be layering them so all shapes and sizes work and it's easy to hide the flaws.

The beach didn't have a lot of the exotic shells, so I picked up a bag of random shells (including those large spiral showpiece shells) from Hobby Lobby with other materials. (This is another option for those not living on the beach.)

I did get lucky and find a whole sand dollar!

exotic shells ~ $7
small spiral shells ~ $5
starfish ~ $5
straw wreath ~ $4
twine ~ $3

Pick a starting point and start gluing. Work your way around the wreath, fitting in shells.

I used the beach-found shells for the bottom layer and the prettier spiral shells on top to create depth.

finished wreath ~ new home on my door

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