A day in Dublin

One week in Ireland and nearly 1,000 pictures later, I'm so excited to share them!

After planning everything imaginable for the overnight flight (I'm talking contact solution, glasses, face wipes for makeup, pillows, blankets, etc.) I was hardly able to sleep at all. I think I got about an hour of sleep total. Yikes. 

BUT when I arrived in Dublin bright and early Saturday morning, I Jedi-mind-tricked myself into thinking I'd had a full night of sleep. Take that, lack of sleep!

I headed out, eager to check out my list of sights in Dublin, starting with the Dublin Castle.

Norman Tower and Chapel Royal

The Bedford Tower is overlooking a large cobblestone courtyard, where it appeared folks were setting up for an event

Love this arch next to the tower

Check out that blue sky!

Beautiful castle gardens

Christ Church Cathedral

Although the vote on austerity was over, the signs were still everywhere

Next was St. Patrick's Cathedral 

Love places like this, where you forget you're in the middle of a city

A brilliant idea to buy a cheap-o EU phone and then grab a sim card when there backfired a little... the data part kept croaking, but about three trips to the phone store on Grafton St. later, new friends at the store gave a great recommendation for dinner!

Irish Stew at Porterhouse - yum!

Porterhouse has a huge selection of craft beers
~ The more you know: It doesn't get dark until about 11pm in Ireland in June ~

The next morning, it was off to explore my Irish roots and to Galway... stay tuned!

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