The road to Galway

Whew, it's been a busy week! Still trying to get over the Irish Plague, but finally starting to feel better! I had planned to do a post a day though... whoops!

It ws a bright and early Sunday morning - Destination: Galway. A detour off the M6 through County Roscommon to try to track down my grandmother's childhood home held the most beautiful views. Unfortunately, despite directions and stopping to ask folks, I couldn't find her home. But knowing I was in the town she grew up in was very neat. 

By the way, where were the only three places to find people Sunday morning, around 11?

Church, the grocery store, and the pub... with the majority being at the pub!

Oh, sterotypes that are true... (says the blonde)

Anyway, although it was unsuccessful, I was so glad we got off the M6 and instead took the winding country roads weaving between stone fences. 

The views were beautiful


Random ruins

I love that, while many of these ruins are on private property, they've been left untouched - the cows and sheep just graze around them.

I mean, you have a castle in your yard. No biggie.

It took about three hours to reach Galway, but that was with the detour... so a drive across the entire country takes less time than it takes me to get to Orlando. Crazy.

Walking along River Corrib 

Galway is very charming. Although there are still touristy streets, the city has a lot of charm and we felt much less inundated with the feeling of being surrounded by tourists.

Love this home's backyard! 

Dinner was at a random little restaurant, which turned out to not be so little! When I went in search of the restroom, my quest took me through three additional rooms and up two flights of stairs - all of these rooms filled with people, and live music on the second floor! Unfortunately, I was more focused on food than pictures. Whoops again.

 Lynch's Castle, which is now a bank
The only surviving Galway merchant home from the 1600s

The little cafe where I had breakfast before moving on Monday morning

The view ~ love all the flower window boxes

Next come the adventures!

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