How to: Watermelon cake pops

Think back a few years. Before we all knew what cake pops were.

While looking for creative projects on the web, I stumbled onto this image.

"Oh stop it. Really?" I thought, and may have said out loud to no one in particular. "Those are awesome!"

However, other than the easily-recognizable chocolate chips, at the time I had no idea what they were or how to even begin making them.

Google provided me with the following information:

They are cake pops. You mix icing and cake together and roll them into balls, put a stick in them and dip them into candy coating.


I worked at a bakery in college and loved when a customer came in with a challenge like that. I figured out cupcake cakes (cupcakes arranged and then iced over in the design of a dinosaur or a bike or whatever) way before they started appearing in Martha Stewart. My absolute favorite thing was making wedding cakes.

So I figured how hard could cake pops be?

A few trips to the grocery store and Michaels later, project get-cake-all-over-the-kitchen was in full swing.

Step 1 -- Bake cakes, then crumble into bowl. (I also added red food coloring to the white cake mix.)

Step 2 -- For each box of cake mix you used, mix in 12 oz frosting. (Again, added the red food coloring prior to mixing.) I also added mini chocolate chips to the mixture to look like seeds!

Step 3 -- Roll out the balls.

It's entirely possible I was so excited about this that I did it at 1 a.m. after I got home from work.

Step 4 -- Dip them in the coating. Put in the sticks.

This is where I started to have some trouble. If you just put the stick in and try to dip them, they fall off the stick. After staring at them for a while, in my now-2-a.m. daze, I realized the chocolate will also work as a glue. I dipped the end of each stick in the chocolate, stuck them in the balls and then put the tray in the fridge overnight to set up. It worked!

Step 5 -- Now dip them in the coating! Melt the chocolate according to directions. After burning a lot of chocolate in my bakery days, I now use this method: microwave 30 seconds, stir 15 seconds, microwave 30 seconds, stir 15 seconds, microwave 15 seconds, repeat, using 15 second intervals until melted.

Step 6 -- Let cool. I used a piece of styrofoam and it worked great!

Step 7 -- Dip again, this time in green candy coating. I found the green, pre-dyed candy coating I got from Michaels to be much easier to dip and significantly thicker.

Step 8 -- Let cool.

Step 9 -- Eat!!! (My version. Not too shabby!)

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