Do you SUP?

Do you SUP?

That's "stand up paddleboarding," if you don't. And if you don't, you should!

Pictures are from a Talbot Island, Florida 5 mile paddle. I went with a group, and the more experienced paddlers even let me try out a few different boards - check out that zebra-striped one!

SUP is so much fun and a great workout. With kayaking, my back tends to be a little sore from the angle the next day, but I don't have that with SUP. You're using a lot of legs and abs for balance and arms for rowing, but really, you're just standing there.

I will admit, I had a pretty stellar fall when a boat cruised by without slowing down. I rode most of the wakes but the last one was a little delayed and caught me off guard - down she went! It was so unexpected that I came up sputtering. I then realized I was in the middle of a very deep river and hightailed it to the board. I do not like not knowing what is swimming under me!

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