DIY: Pumpkin Power

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Besides it being at the start of fall when the leaves are starting to change colors, you've got the costumes, haunted houses and pumpkins!

Carving is fun, but then the pumpkins don't last as long and sometimes you just need a little something new. These ideas will get you started.

Elmer's glue (I like the clear kind) and glitter make mega-sparkle pumpkins in seconds! To avoid getting glitter everywhere, after the glue dries you can either use spray-on sealer or Mod Podge to keep the glitter in place.

An old pair of patterned tights over a pumpkin = endless possibilities! You can go for a web-like look, like this one, or use a pair with chevron or polka dots. Netted tights work best so you can see the pumpkin through them. Also, be sure to use a smaller pumpkin so your tights will fit!

Okay, so men aren't all that into arts and crafts usually. But this is a pumpkin the boys in your life will love! Paint on a few coats of brown, wait for it to dry, then paint on the laces. This one was made by a man -- proof it can be done! (By the way, it even has the correct number of NFL regulation laces. Not something I would have thought of!)

When painting pumpkins, once the paint is dry it's a good idea to give it a coat of the spray sealer or Mod Podge like with the glitter pumpkins. This will help make it waterproof and keep the paint from flaking off.

This one is just painted letters. You could do the first initial of your family's last name, kids' names, sports teams... the possibilities are endless.

But at night, the letters won't light up... unless you use glow in the dark paint! You can find glow in the dark paint or glow in the dark puff paint at any craft store. You could also use it for a traditional pumpkin face, and avoid all the carving and scooping. Plus, the pumpkins last much longer whole!

Happy Halloween!

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