Photoshop soapbox: Be proud of imperfections

I recently saw this Buzzfeed article posted by a friend on Facebook.

Four women participated in a professional photo shoot, and their pictures were then retouched to look like cover models.

Then their reactions to the finished photos were filmed. They were somewhat horrified.

I had a similar experience last year taking my KATV headshot. The incredibly talented photographer took fantastic pictures on the bridge downtown.

I picked the one I liked (the one on the left)... and then he sent me the one on the right.

Um, who is that?

It's a bizarre feeling to see a "perfect" version of yourself. I never notice the moles on  my chest and neck -- until they were gone. I know I have smile lines, but honestly, I like them. I have them because I smile a lot!

I may be the first person to ever ask this photographer, "Um, could I have my moles and lines back, please?" but I don't care. My lines, moles, blemishes... those make me me.

What we see in magazines isn't real. There are tons of links out there showing celebrities in photoshoots with the real pictures versus what we see in the magazine. They aren't perfect either. We aren't perfect on the inside or the outside, and that's what makes us who we are.

So be proud of those laugh lines - it means you laugh often! Imperfections make us real. We all have them, so let's not strive for something unattainable.

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