DIY: Summer tulip wreath

It's possible my Christmas wreath is still on my door. I didn't say it definitely is... just that it's possible. (It is.) In my defense, it's a plain red berry wreath. There's no excuse. I'm a DIY-er failure!

Time to fix that disgrace with minimal time and cash. Enter the tulip wreath! The picture above is from Pinterest. Sold.

I ran to the craft store and purchased my materials.

You'll need about 25-30 large fake tulips on stems, a vine wreath and wire cutters. If you don't have specific wire cutters, check your pliers - some of them have a wire cutter part below the pliers.

Cut the stems at the base. If you cut them so the leaves are still attached, the leaves will make the wreath look a little fuller. But you can also make the wreath with only the tulip heads and no leaves.

Then arrange the tulips by sticking the stems in the wreath, moving in a circle. It can be a little tricky to wiggle the stems in, but you don't need glue or twist ties to hold them in place.

Once you get all the way around - voila!

Total cost: $10. Seriously. The flowers were BOGO and I already had the wire cutters. (If you don't have them, they're a good thing to have around so they're definitely worth a few $$ to pick up.)

Here are some variations from the wonderful world of Pinterest!

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