I'm not a food photographer and I don't have a fancy camera (hello, iPhone!). I do love to try new things and love sharing the things that work (and funny stories about the fails). I don't have a personal photographer to follow me around (though it seems like that would be legit) or a camera tripod (seriously, how do bloggers take all those awesome glamour shots? Jealous.). I am obsessed with Pinterest. I was on Pinterest in the dinosaur era when you clicked on the "Everything" page, scrolled through it, then clicked refresh and only a dozen or so new pins would show up. Srrrrsly. I'm also a news anchor, and many times I'll post a picture on Facebook or Twitter of something I made, but not have enough room to put the whole receipe or DIY instructions up. Hence, the inspiration for a blog. Coming up with a trendy blog name was too complicated (ain't nobody got time for that). Hope you'll visit often - sometimes I give away puppies and diamonds! (That's not true.) But I will post a recipe at least once a week and instructions to all my never-ending projects! (That part is true.)

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  1. Love the recipes!(now if I can find someone to cook them)
    Love seeing your smile on T.V.Hope you stay here!